When No One Is Watching (Lonely Trip)


Chérie Hansson and I started the series about this fictive character, which appears "When No One Is Watching", in 2017. We traveled and photographed her from Austria to the Normandy in France. The entire series is handmade and photographed on 8x10" tin plates using the "Collodion Wet Plate" process (please read below). 

This particular image was shot on July 8, 2020, just outside Vienna, Austria in the Danube River. Later that year it also caught the attention of musician TREY ANASTASIO (Phish, TAB, Ghost of the Forrest) who chose this "beautiful and haunting" photograph as the cover of his solo record "Lonely Trip", all songs he recorded during the lockdown caused by Covid19.

Please enjoy this short video of the making of a PALLADIUM PRINT:



Edition: 9 (+2AP)

Print Size: 8x10"

Mat SIze: 11x15"

Print: Palladium Print, handmade

Paper: 300gm Hahnemühle Platinum Rag

Signed and editioned on front

These are handmade prints, every one is unique and slight irregularities in toning can occur.These


The "Collodion Wet Plate" process dates back to 1850. All necessary chemicals I use for this technique (Collodion, Silver bath, Developer, and Varnish) are made from scratch. For this photograph, an 8x10" tin plate was first coated with collodion and then put into a tank with silver nitrate in order to make it light-sensitive. Once removed from the silver tank, the plate was exposed, in this case with a large-format camera.

After the exposure, the image was developed in a portable darkroom as the developer liquid was poured directly on the plate. Once the plate had fixed and dried, a final coating of "Varnish" was applied to protect the photograph for eternity.



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