Vienna 16/09/2020


Vienna, September 16, 2020

This is a unique handmade photograph, shot on an 8x10" tin plate using the "Collodion Wet Plate" process.(please read below). 


Edition 1/1

Signed, dated, and editioned on verso


The "Collodion Wet Plate" process dates back to 1850. All necessary chemicals I use for this technique (Collodion, Silver bath, Developer, and Varnish) are made from scratch. For this photograph, an 8x10" tin plate was first coated with collodion and then put into a tank with silver nitrate in order to make it light-sensitive. Once removed from the silver tank, the plate was exposed, in this case with a large-format camera.

After the exposure, the image was developed in a portable darkroom as the developer liquid was poured directly on the plate. Once the plate had fixed and dried, a final coating of "Varnish" was applied to protect the photograph for eternity.

Please keep in mind, the image is made of reflective silver and therefore will appear brighter or darker, depending on how much light hits it when displayed. 



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